Listening to his songs, it is clear that Doug has a gift for storytelling, which has brought him to his latest endeavor as an author. Drawing from his first-hand experience of cowboy life, he paints beautiful images of the landscape and lifestyle of the western frontier, pulling the reader into a gripping story that is sprinkled with Biblical truths.

When Wes Freeman loses his place at the hands of a crooked banker, he sets out to get back what is rightfully his, and a chance meeting with an outlaw band provides the opportunity. In the aftermath of a bloody gun battle, Wes learns the far reaching effects of his impulsive actions. Thrown headlong into a series of events he never could have predicted, his love for a young woman whose life was forever changed by his recklessness, proves to be the catalyst that helps him do the right thing regardless of the cost.

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The long, dusty cattle-drive from Texas to Kansas is over, but as Avery Carson stands in the warm light of a Dodge City morning, he is shrouded in a dark cloud of grief. Now that the toil and ever-present dangers of the drive are behind him, tragic events back home rise up as poignant as ever. He can't go back; he has neither the courage nor the strength of will to do so. Instead, he leaves everything he knows behind and strikes out into the wilds of the frontier wilderness to lose himself. After weeks of solitude, he stumbles on the small settlement of Bow City and decides to make a quick stop for supplies. Avery is not the only person with a troubled past, however. After a chance meeting with mysterious and beautiful Emily Harper, he finds himself caught in a long and tangled trail of random events that seem to work together for one sole purpose-to lead him through a hail of bullets and into the fight of his life, a fight to make him the answer to Emily's prayer for deliverance. Is it mere chance, or is there something more at work in Providence Pass?

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As a hazy red sun sinks to the bleached hills, Jake Sullivan rides through the front gate of the Anchor D. A big man, trail-hardened and powdered in dust, his arrival is not mere chance. Planning to find work breaking a string of young horses, he comes with a shadowy past and a mission known only to him. He reins in to survey the scene before him and likes what he sees - a solid, well-run, here-to-stay outfit Things are not what they seem, however, and Jake soon realizes the ranch holds secrets of its own. Dark currents run deep beneath the surface, and the apparent calm is only a quiet simmer before the boil. Old wounds fester in the minds of ranch owner Abe Daniels and his son Nathan, and as the rift widens between them, vultures gather, eager to pick the carcass clean of the once proud ranch. Jake's arrival proves to be the finger on a hair trigger that sends hard men and strong wills on a collision course in what becomes a fight for survival and redemption. Hope grows in unlikely places, however, and Jake soon finds he is fighting not for himself, but for a chance to be near the woman he loves.

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The fighting is over. Thrown together by the ravages of war, a piecemeal, ragtag family heads west in hopes of finding new beginnings. When their journey ends in tragedy, two orphans are set adrift in the wild, vast expanse of the American frontier. Elizabeth, the younger of the two, is taken in by a married couple unable to have children of their own, while Joshua strikes out alone. Joshua's life becomes entangled in the violence of a lawless land, and when he is about to pay the ultimate price for his crimes, his path and Elizabeth's cross again. Past prayers are not forgotten, and hope dies hard. Joshua finds out the fighting is far from over, but that when love triumphs, it is never too late for new beginnings.