"...songs keep popping into my brain, going round and round and making it hard to concentrate

on practical things...I guess it's good to do something with them, 'cause they're songs about life and faith,

and my story's probably not so different from yours." - Doug Rawling

Spend any time with him, and you will learn that Doug Rawling is a storyteller. Whether it’s through his songs, books, or a conversation over a good cup of coffee, he loves to share joys and struggles from his own life, hoping it might help someone out or lead them closer to God.

Doug has been making music for over 30 years, in one way or another. His current music is the culmination of all his songwriting experience, influenced by his past styles of folk, bluegrass, “Rocky Mountain Country,” and heartland rock to produce some of his best songs yet. Sometimes it can be hard to put a name to Doug’s sound, so maybe it’s easier to talk about how it makes you feel. Hearing the story behind each song grabs your attention and draws you in, and his honest, down-to-earth lyrics about faith and life will have you leaving the concert feeling like everything is going to be okay: God is big, so you don’t have to be.

Since his early childhood, Doug has been playing music, and released his first solo album, Shine On, in 1979. He toured extensively with the heartland-rock band Crossection in the 80’s, and followed that up with Doug Rawling and the Fourth Watch in the early 90’s. Doug is probably best known as half of The Rawling Brothers, with his brother Bruce Rawling completing the duo. Together they developed a grassroots-country-folk sound that struck a chord with many fans, resulting in over 50,000 albums sold and radio air play in Canada, the United States, and Europe. On any given day, you can find Doug spending time at his home on "the morning side of the Livingstone Mountains" with his lovely wife, kids and grand-kids, all of whom live nearby in Alberta, Canada. He is also involved in Wilderness Ranch, and is grateful that God continues to provide opportunities for him to do what he loves.

“I’m trusting blindly in Your plan, You promise that You know who I am, that you give me life ‘cause there are things worth doing....the best I got will never do, Precious Savior, my only hope is You.” - Only You from the album Highway 18